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Woman Called ‘Angel’ After Her Sweet Gesture Was Recorded at Walmart

There may not be literal angels with wings hiding around us, but there are compassionate people who are ready to give and inspire whenever possible.

Anna Melissa Olivarez witnessed one such angel in action earlier this month at a Walmart in San Antonio, Texas.

Olivarez was waiting in line behind a man who was trying to pay for his cart full of groceries with a gift card.

After swiping the card several times, however, it was rejected.

But when the man said that he had no other means of paying for the groceries, a woman in the middle of the line jumped forward, offered to pick up the tab, and swiped her own card.

The cashier and the other customers waiting in line praised the woman for her kindness even though she was fairly nonchalant over the gesture – but she did accept a hug from the man she helped.

“I told her how sweet that was to witness and she said ‘we gotta help each other out’,” wrote Olivarez. “She wouldn’t tell me her name so I said ‘I’ll call ya the sweet San Antonio Angel then!’”

After the video was posted to social media, a woman named Marysol Imler wrote: “That’s MY SURGICAL DIRECTOR, ANNETTE MORRISON!!!! she is truly an angel…”

“Thank you Marysol!!!” said Olivarez. “She has a made a huge impact and is just the best representative of all those that give so graciously!!”

(WATCH the video below)

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