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Watch Restaurant Worker Cut Up Food for Veteran With Injured Hand

When an older man with an injured arm was having trouble eating his food, a restaurant worker did not hesitate to stop what she was doing and lend a hand.

In a video uploaded by Facebook user Dallas Smith Jr., the man can be seen sitting at a Huddle House restaurant table in Douglas, Georgia.

While he initially tried to cut up his own pancake with a knife and fork, his bandaged arm prevented him from making much progress.

A younger man who had been eating across from him was about to help, when the restaurant’s cook – a woman known only as Ms. Wanda – put down her dishes and offered to cut up his food.

It was only after he posted the video to Facebook that the family of the older man contacted Smith and said that the senior was a war veteran who had recently injured his arm trying to settle a domestic dispute.

The footage has now garnered thousands of views from social media users praising the Huddle House employee’s act of kindness.

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