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Watch Joyful Reaction of Old Dog Being Given a New Puppy Friend For Christmas

A lot of youngsters have woken up on Christmas morning with the hopes of finding a puppy waiting under the tree – but Cash isn’t that young at all.

In fact, the 12-year-old Golden Retriever lost a lot of his vitality after his sister Rosie suddenly passed away in 2014.

Cash’s owner, Marie Ahonen, says that she was heartbroken to see Cash feeling so lonely – which is why she decided to give him a special surprise for being on Santa’s nice list this year.

Earlier this month, the Ahonen family presented Cash with a big neatly-wrapped Christmas gift.

The senior dog is visibly excited by the package – and he only becomes more exuberant when Jennings the Golden Retriever puppy pops his head out of the box.

According to multiple UK newspapers, Ahonen said: “I knew he would be good [with another dog], but I never expected the reaction of pure joy – I had tears watching him. There’s now so much joy and sparkle in Cash’s eyes, he’s got a new lease of life.”

“They’ve been best buds ever since,” she added.

(WATCH the video below)

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