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Video of Shelter Dogs Paddle-Boarding Helps Find Them Forever Homes

These shelter pups may have seen some tough times in their lives, but rescue volunteers ensured that they were repaid with the best day ever and a proper shot at a forever home.

Four-year-old Captain is a boxer mix being treated for heartworm. He was found roaming a construction site in the desert and had chemical burns on his back. It’s unknown if he rolled in something or if someone abused him. Regardless, he came to Last Chance at Life Animal Rescue in Oceanside, California as a stray and has since been given some much-needed love and medical attention.

Presley was also a stray who arrived at Last Chance at Life in pretty bad shape. The 10-year-old Brussels Griffin came from Riverside with severe skin and ear infections, as well as a large non-cancerous lump on his bottom.

As a means of giving back to the animal rescue organization, Deanne Gustafson of Oceanside set up the best day ever for Captain and Presley.

“They got to try standup paddle-boarding, go on a shopping spree and had a gourmet meal at Smashburger. It was amazing to watch these two dogs have the best day ever!” said Deanne Gustafson.

Volunteers filmed the whole day in hopes that the best day ever would lead to the dogs finding their forever homes – and since filming, Captain was adopted! And while Presley is still looking for the perfect family to cuddle with, he still has plenty of time.

“Presley is the sweetest dog! My hope is that if enough people see Presley’s video he will find a forever family,” said Gustafson

(WATCH the video below)

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