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Pope Auctions Gift Worth $250K For Christian Communities Destroyed by ISIS

Earlier this week, Pope Francis was gifted a sleek, specially made papal-themed luxury car – but he doesn’t plan on driving it. Instead, he plans on having it auctioned for charity.

Lamborghini executives presented the Pope with a white and gold-gilded Huracán in front of the Vatican. After autographing and blessing the car, His Holiness announced that he would be giving it to Sotheby’s for auction.

The vehicle, which Top Gear has called the “Supercar of the Year”, has a base value of $250,000. Because this is the seventh edition of the automobile created specially for the pontiff, however, it could sell for even more.

According to the Catholic News Agency, the proceeds generated by the Huracán’s auction will reportedly go towards three different causes: restoring Christian villages that have been damaged by ISIS in Iraq, assisting victims of human trafficking, and financing outreach work in Africa.

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