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People Are Posting Stories of Celebrities Being Nice to Them and it is Incredibly Refreshing

Though it may seem like there are endless allegations against celebrities for one crime or another these days, it’s good to remember that not all Hollywood stars use their fame for evil.

In a social media post created by a Twitter user named Bakoon, people are being called to share their positive experiences of dealing with famous people in real life.

“If anyone has any nice allegations against a celebrity, that would be great too,” says Bakoon. “Does a famous actor give good christmas presents?”

While some of the stories are as simple as celebrities leaving hefty tips for their servers and baristas, others are way more heartwarming.

One of the first tweets to get the ball rolling was from Mara Wilson, the actress who starred in Matilda and Mrs. Doubtfire, vouching for the kindness of her film co-star Danny Devito.

And the stories just get better and better.

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