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Homeless Man Tears Open Deadlocked Door and Rescues Kids From Smoke-Filled Home

When a house went up in flames on Friday, a homeless man risked his own life to rescue two children trapped inside.

Anival Angulo, who lives on the streets of Las Vegas, heard a 3-year-old girl and 10-month-old boy yelling for help from behind the door of their home. Something had caught fire on the kitchen stove, and smoke was starting to pour out of the house.

Even though the children’s grandfather had been babysitting the two youngsters, he had gone into a back room and forgotten about the food in the kitchen. When it caught fire, the senior was unable to make it through the fire to rescue the kids.

Angulo, however, was able to jump the fence, tear open the deadlocked screen door, and pull the children to safety.

“I wrapped up the babies and pulled them out,” Angulo told KSNV. “I knew I had to get them out.”

Meanwhile, the neighbors ran to the rescue of the grandfather and managed to pull him out from a window in the back of the home.

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