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Hockey Player’s Wife Is 276 Miles Away When She Goes Into Labor, So Rival Hands Over His Truck

If you or your kids have ever played sports, you know that it can be hard to be extra kind to your opponent when you want to win.

But thankfully for one hockey player, the game didn’t affect his rival’s sense of kindness and sympathy.

Milwaukee Admirals hockey player Pierre-Cédric Labrie woke up in the middle of the night on New Year’s Eve just hours before a big game against the Grand Rapids Griffins because he received a phone call saying that his wife was in labor.

He needed to get back to Milwaukee immediately, but he couldn’t find a flight or a ride that would get him there in time.

Luckily, Griffins goalie Tom McCollum stepped up to save the day. He lent Labrie his truck so that he could drive the 276 miles to his wife’s side and witness the birth of their son Lionel.

He made it just in time, too, with only minutes to spare.

“It was an adventure. I made it on time—6:54 she delivered, and I got there by 6:15, 6:20,” Labrie told WXMI News.

Now that’s what real sportsmanship looks like — on and off the court.

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