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High School Wrestler With Down Syndrome Finishes His Final Season Totally Undefeated

High school wrestler Cedric Lehky is a force to be reckoned with.

Cedric was first invited to join his wrestling team when he was in eighth grade. Although Cedric has Down syndrome, he performs with as much ability as his teammates — and many of them say they couldn’t be a team without him.

Fellow wrestler Aaron Hertel says Cedric is “a big part of this team. When our morale is at the lowest when we are cutting weight, you know, our energy is at its lowest, he brings us up.”

But Cedric isn’t just a morale booster on his team – he’s also an incredible wrestler. When he won his last match on January 12, 2018, it was his final win in an undefeated season.

Even fans of the opposing team cheered for Cedric as he finished his impressive season.

While Cedric is considered a bit of a celebrity at school, his mom, Jeanette Brinkley, says he’s so much more than that. She says Cedric’s amazing accomplishments “give hope to any other parent with special needs [children]. He does everything that everyone else would do, and I just never had any expectations that [weren’t] well exceeded, and it’s beyond amazing.”

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