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Bored? Get Inspiration From This Dog That Plays ‘Fetch’ By Himself

Unlike many of us adults, it doesn’t take much for little kids to entertain themselves—toddlers can just go outside and play with sticks or rocks.

This dog offers another prime example of how easy it can be to entertain yourself.

Ryan Faw was walking alongside a stream in Kobe, Japan when he saw a clever little dog who was using the river current in order to play ball with itself.

Faw assured viewers that the dog’s owner was nearby, but it seemed to be perfectly content to play fetch on its own.

The pup would gently place its orange ball into the river before running further downstream so it could wait for the toy to drift close enough to snatch in its mouth. The dog would then run back upstream and do the same routine all over again.

Though it does lose the ball amidst the rocks near the end of the video, the courageous canine is stays hot on its trail.

One YouTube user aptly interpreted the scene for us all, “Watching this video thinking to myself ‘I wish I were this easily amused’ as I’m sitting here being easily amused watching a dog play fetch with itself.”

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