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Dad Gets to Grant Christmas Wish For Son With Autism Thanks to Internet

James Dutton and his ex-wife were determined to give their son with autism the perfect Christmas.

Upon asking 19-year-old Thomas to make a wish list for Santa, however, they ran into a problem.

The parents from London were able to get everything on the list except for a rare VHS tape of an old animated children’s show called “Postman Pat”.

Though the show was discontinued, Thomas got hooked on the series by watching YouTube videos.

In a desperate bid to complete Thomas’s Christmas list, Dutton took to social media in search of Postman Pat’s Prize Postbag on video cassette from 1981.

The tweet, which was republished by Brendan Cole from the British reality show “Strictly Come Dancing”, was shared thousands of times until it appeared on Jill Hulme’s newsfeed – and luckily, she had the exact movie that the Duttons were searching for.

“The response has been absolutely overwhelming and I’m so grateful to everyone for taking the time to give advice, or search in attics!” said James. “The heartwarming side of human nature.”

“It will mean a huge amount for him on Christmas Day,” the Duttons told the Independent. “Nothing he asks for is a high-cost item, but it’s all about the value to him and his innocent child-like enjoyment of life.”

“I think the biggest thing that we have learned is the power of social media for good things, and the kindness of complete strangers,” they added.

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