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Boy Forwards Money He Found to Soccer Player Because ‘We Can’t Keep What’s Not Ours’

While some might be excited to pocket a $5 bill found on the street, this young man was more excited to pass on his good fortune to someone else: his favorite soccer player.

9-year-old Adam Bhana was leaving a football game between Huddersfield Town and Manchester United at the John Smith’s Stadium this weekend when he saw a £5 note on the ground.

Instead of keeping the money, however, Adam said that “we can not keep what is not ours”.

He and his father then asked a few nearby pedestrians if they had dropped any money. When they all said no, Adam’s dad told him to give it to someone else.

A few days later, Huddersfield director Sean Jarvis received a letter from Adam containing the £5 note. The letter asked Jarvis if he could pass the cash along to the Huddersfield midfielder Adam Mooy “because he played very well and scored” during Saturday’s game.

Mooy was so touched by the gesture, he took to social media earlier this week and said he would “love to meet Adam”.

The 9-year-old and the midfielder are set to meet up with each other on Friday.

As for Adam’s father, he says he is proud of his son’s generosity.

“To begin with, he was undecided. He wanted to maybe give it to the club for a transfer of Ronaldo from Real Madrid to Huddersfield but then he decided to give it to Mooy instead,” he told BBC 5 Radio. “They’ve been great.”

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